still life

client: stoke on trent district council | size: 9 x 4 x 9 meters | site: stoke on trent | material: painted steel | date: march 2006

“The Bottle Kilns that once dominated the landscape are a relic of the area’s heritage. They uniquely articulate the past. In my proposal the solid three dimensional profile of the Bottle Kiln is translated into an elegant linear structure. It resembles a CAD wire drawing or a ribbed form that has only been described by outline. The mass of the brick work has been removed and replaced by light and air. Echoes remain of the organic clustering and distinctive profile of the kilns but they are only glimpsed, transformed into another form.This new arrangement is grouped into 6 distinctive towers. Some larger, some smaller, like a still life drawing by Morandi. The grouping of six reflects the convergent identity of the six towns that have fused together but resolutely retain their own identity.The entire structure will be painted subtly different shade of pail turquoise (the colour of Tin Glaze) which unifies the group while at the same time delineating each member. The legs of the 9 meter high structure will be placed either side of the foot path and passers-by will be able to walk thought its arches. At night the structure will be lit from within, creating graceful ribbons of light that move in and out of shadow.Still Life is a work that takes what was and transforms it into what will be. History giving its richness to the future. It is not dogmatic or sentimental but gracious, positive and forward looking.”