spectrum roundabout

client: stoke-on-trent district council | size: 12 of 200 x 150 x 80cm | site: stoke-on-trent | material: glazed ceramic on steel frame

Spectrum Roundabout is a work in 12 parts. Each individual element is placed around the site at equal intervals. Each unit is a 250 cm x 180 cm 80 cm rectangle faced with glazed ceramic slabs.

As the rectangles move around the roundabout they tilt from the vertical through to the horizontal and back up to the vertical again. When driving past them they will look as if they have been animated, tumbling with order and precision. The complete tumble takes a whole circumnavigation of the roundabout.

However not only are the rectangles tumbling they are also passing through the coloured spectrum in the move around the circle. From red though blue then yellow and back to red again. The form of the work leads you round the site and articulates the dynamic nature of the traffic, but the spectrum of colour makes deliberate reference to the test panels that hangs on every ceramic studio wall. These panels were not designed for aesthetic purposes but are a testimony to the order and persistence of the science that went into developing ceramic glazes.