Oliver Barratt
A game too serious to be serious.Images flicker in and out of focus in a perpetual conundrum, a playful puzzle, and a game too serious to be serious. The raw material of steel or brass give way to modelled and painted surfaces, as if the bone had protruded out of flesh, simultaneously sensual and painful. Lines are thrown into space and return another way, Rich colour, opulent form, exuberant gestures refined with minute sensitivity. The act of making is the slow building of meaning. One thing leading to the next in an execrable logic all of its own.

Based in Kent, England, for the past 20 years Oliver bas been creating work for exhibition and been working on both private commissions and public projects. He shows regularly in the UK and around the world, including The Guggenheim, Venice and Royal Academy, London. His commissions range from the Everest Memorial at Base Camp of Mount Everest, Nepal to a commission for the City of Liverpool as European City of Culture. Born in 1962, Oliver studied sculpture at Falmouth School of Art graduating in 1985. He was awarded the Henry Moore Fellowship in 1990.
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