between the lines


Between the Lines, 7 May  – 6 June 2009


Tight between one line and another, a second set of meaning resides and finds a home. What is said is not always what is meant and what is meant cannot always be said. Meaning shape shifts and migrates, a fugitive forever moving. It is fluid and mercurial, elusive and alluring. The goal of all our utterance echoes and replies with un certainty.

Between the Lines is attempt to make clear what I do not understand, to formulate a poetic language of line, colour, space and material whose subject is a delight in intuitive discovery.  The sculptures are signs of the unseen, the transitory made solid; sensual and gracious but essentially internal.

The sculpture in Between the Lines sometimes has its origins in what I have seen. The tall red sculpture entitled Between the Lines began life as I watched a single fly navigate its self-imposed frame within a room, finding its invisible edge and bouncing upwards or sideways to describe something almost like a pattern. It acted out a type of choreographed metaphor, a dance of understanding known only to it.

Open and closed on the other hand was made to explore how one material can drift into another, the natural into the synthetic. It describes a set of movements that at each turn open up a new piece of space and simultaneously return to the closed loop of the work. Its airy lines are open but its internal energy circular and closed.

Oliver Barratt