at every turn


Knotted but elegant, boxed but free, wooden and painted, the three dimensional lines balance and weave complex dance in an attempt to resolve a perpetual puzzle; how to figure meaning? How to make solid the ever moving while retaining the need to move again?  How to be complete, certain and defined about that which is open, loose and diffuse.

The lines in these new sculptures have thickened. Elbows, joints and junctions hint at an anthropomorphic figure.  The stance, intimate, acting out a feasible twist, almost possible for well trained gymnast. The work is simultaneously simple and bemusing; no more than a line but begging an unanswerable question. It is an open secret, a balanced view, a change of heart while standing still, and all the time at every turn  trusting to intuition and  following a thread.

The work delights in a world apart, a world where purity of form removes all extraneous images, the noise of the world quiets,  the inside of a thought, before it complicates again with cluttered and reemerges blinking into the real world.


Oliver Barratt, August 2014