knot thinking

client: ToMaster Co. ltd | location: Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China size: 530 x 440 x 680 ( height ) cm | material: Painted, stainless steel | date: 2021

Commissioned to stand at the entrance of a new suite of buildings on a historic water side site at the mouth of the Yong River, Knot Thinking is a work that takes its lead from the calligraphic tradition of Chinese painting, where intuition and long learned discipline come together.
The 3-dimensional gesture of the sculpture is both considered and free flowing. It balances the need for structured, clear thought with the open-ended speculation of creativity.
The color, an apple vibrant green, grades from a tangy yellowish green to a quieter but strong primary green; clear in its purpose to be noticed, but subtle in its gradation. The finish of the work is assertively contemporary, but the open-ended puzzle of how it fits together, of the balance between support and entanglement is as old as time.