drawing water

client: AArt ltd | location: Guangzhou, China size: 350 x 400 x 470 (h) cm | material: Painted, stainless steel | date: 2023

Drawing Water is designed to make every angle filled with a dynamic and playful energy. From some viewpoints the sculpture is quite self-contained from others open and reaching outwards. In some ways the sculpture echoes the unpredictable but structured SPLASH of water, bouncing out of a pool while a skillful brush strokes calligrapher tries to capture the fleeting dance. A sense of structured order is balanced with an organic flow.

The sculpture is light on the ground, it bounces from the base as it is drawn upwards. The volumes articulating a change of direction and a darkening solidification of the rhythms of the work. It is a work of elastic, perpetually, moving energy. Joining, and connecting, holding up and diving down, balancing twist and turns with strength and clear purpose. It is a work that balances the need for high theatre with an explosion of movement, in other ways it is highly sensitive with its carefully crafted curves and modelled forms and subtle gradations of color. It has elements that are descriptive, falling of a drop of water, and others that are enigmatic and articulates the endless structural flow of life itself.