three and four

client: Sevenoaks Town Council | location: Sevenoaks size: 60 x 60 x 270 (h) | material: Powder coated mild steel and Bronze | date: July 2022

Three and Four is a single bronze line that connects point to point by changing directions through a series of organic junctions. Three rooted to the ground, four held high in the air. Hints of coppice trees and growing hop vines can be seen in these growing, nutty form and sinewy lines. Its dancing gesture sits on a liveried leaf green and dark viridian base that reference the green of the buses that once moved endlessly in and out of the space. I well remember as a school boy, waiting by the bus stops scruffy café as the buses circled round, coming and going, tracing a stopping line through the countryside.

The abstract nature of work allows it to have many visual suggestions, its form however a perpetually looping, intertwining solipsism, a type of narrative born of place, of the wood and open meadow, of growing thing. A single line whose change of direction doubles back on itself to create an endlessly enclosing, almost musical rhythm.

The work reflects on the interdependence and intertwined nature of both the natural world and the currents of history. It is simple form with a complex meaning. A musical signature, crisp but familiar, a dance to the music of time.

And for the sharp eyed and quick witted, three and four make seven.