water, line and light

client: private commission  |  dimensions:  400 x  230 x 40 cm  |  material: aluminum wire, resin and paint

video - pool project - oliver barratt

Commissioned by a private collector for a newly built swimming pool, the pool project takes the restless ripples on the surface of a slowly moving water and re draws them into a undulating three dimensional line.

At points, the line splits and meanders, tangles and re-joins.  Consistent and quiet, the work is more energetic towards its top and as it moves down to meet the surface of the water, opens up and slows its pace.  It shares the sensual delight of swimming, its sleek polished surface refined, but retains a unanswered question within itself: a thought doubling back on itself, finding a new path, negotiating its edges and in the end delighting, likes a porous at play, in its own elemental simplicity.